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La Folie Douce is a family story that has been delighting taste buds and putting stars in the eyes of all generations since 1969. It's through strong values that the concept appeals: originality, freedom and a thirst for authenticity. La Folie Douce's philosophy is to combine the pleasures of generous mountain cuisine with the festive, spectacular atmosphere of a cabaret.

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Val d'Isère, 1974, Luc Reversade creates the very first Folie Douce. His ambition? To create a place like no other, a place where gastronomy and showmanship come together. Almost 50 years later, there are 7 Folie Douce restaurants and 1 Folie Douce Hotel.

The recipe for success? A subtle blend of daring, convivial local cuisine and a love of entertainment. A sense of family, sharing, authenticity and togetherness are the values that thrill young and old alike, to the rhythm of the music. La Folie Douce brings people together, again and again, to offer a unique experience at altitude.

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la folie douce

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Thirst for authenticity


For 50 years, La Folie Douce has championed the art of living and mountain values with a twist. Between show and gastronomy, it now has 8 addresses across the Alps, including the highest cabaret in Europe.

Here, we celebrate diversity and generosity, we bring together genres and all generations around the friendly, warm and festive spirit of La Folie Douce.

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