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Over the seasons, La Folie Douce has surrounded itself with inventive and passionate professionals. Chef Franck Mischler is uncompromising when it comes to the quality and provenance of the produce served on his restaurant menus, and has only one obsession: to offer good, seasonal food, most of it from the region! Ever more imaginative, La Folie Douce's restaurants reinvent themselves every year to appeal to the widest possible audience and satisfy the desires of a demanding clientele, while remaining consistent with a responsible approach to gastronomy.

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Real food is good food! -
Real food is good food! -
Real food is good food! -
Real food is good food! -
Real food is good food! -
Real food is good food! -



A chef of talent and character, Franck Mischler has been developing and asserting the culinary identity of La Folie Douce for over 10 years.

"I run a kitchen that's like me: quirky, contemporary and concerned with exacting standards. La Folie Douce is a family home. It's a place of tradition and modernity, inhabited by people who are passionate about cooking. There's a sincerity here that warms my heart, and I have to lead by example. I play with the raw materials every day. At La Fruitière, I've clearly come to realize that my profession is essentially based on the product, the terroir and nature."

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In our quest for culinary perfection, nothing is left to chance. Every product that arrives in our kitchens has been carefully selected for its freshness, flavor and environmental impact. It's this rigor and attention to detail that makes La Folie Douce a benchmark in Alpine gastronomy.

Every summer, our passionate and committed Executive Chef embarks on a quest to find the best local producers. He scours markets, visits farms and fields in search of those who, like us, place a premium on taste, flavor, responsible production and terroir. It's a true culinary adventure, allowing him to discover exceptional products and build trusting relationships with our producers.

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